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This page features tutorials for students who wish to learn basic computer and Internet skills on their own and at their own pace. Below are links for established academic and business web sites which present and teach the uses of a variety of applications and computer techniques.

Intro to Window 7 Microsoft Word
Internet Use Mouse Practice
Keyboard Skills Ocean Cruiser
Microsoft Excel WebAdvisor
Microsoft PowerPoint

File Management
This link provides an introduction to the Windows 7 operating system (OS), including video tutorials that will help explain the Intenet and email, finding your files, personalizing your PC and changing Windows settings.
  • http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/help/getting-started

Internet Use
These sources provide a good overview and guide through some of the terminology you will find on the Internet.

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Keyboard Skills

These links provide tutorials and self tests that will assist in developing your keyboard skills.

Microsoft Excel

The University of Indiana presents a Basic Excel Tutorial, which teaches the basic fundamentals of Excel.

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Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation application which creates slideshows. The tutorial below was created by the Microsoft Corporation and is a comprehensive "step -by step" on how to create an entire PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is a comprehensive and powerful word processing application which allows the user to create, format, and edit text. This tutorial will assist students in learning basic word processing skills, as well as some of the more difficult skills.

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Mouse Practice
A mouse device can be confusing for some first-time users. These tutorials feature many interesting and interactive mouse practice exercises.

Ocean Cruiser
Ocean Cruiser is student portal program which hosts student e-mail accounts, college announcements, club information, and provides access to online course materials for classes. This link will assist you with logging into Ocean Cruiser for the first time:

WebAdvisor is a tool for finding courses, registering, paying course fees, and checking your transcript. You may now access WebAdvisor through your Ocean Cruiser account. Below are links that will assist you with questions regarding WebAdvisor

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