Nursing Program

Admission to the Traditional Nursing Program

Please fill out the Application to the College and indicate Nursing as your major >>

Please Note: Student must submit a letter of intent to apply to the nursing program every semester along with your driver's license showing an Ocean County address.

Before you apply, check the table below to be certain that you can meet all entrance criteria:

1. All Nursing Applicants must provide an Official High School Transcript that verifies graduation or a copy of your GED. If you attended another college(s), Official Transcript(s) must be sent to the Admissions Office.

Applicants must meet ONE of the following three options and provide official transcripts:

2a.* Earned scores on ACT examinations- Composite-24 or SAT I minimum of 1100 combined Math and Critical Reading

(see curriculum link)

2b. A cumulative college GPA of 2.7 with all general education requirements listed below completed. All previous colleges are considered.

2c.* An earned bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. May take general education requirements with nursing with the exception of A&P I&II

(see curriculum link)

3. All Nursing Applicants who are in their final semester of completing the Nursing Prerequisities need to complete a criminal background check with Adam Safeguard. Go to:, click on "School Background" under "Online Access" and locate Ocean County College. You will not receive a "Date of Completion" without a "clean background check". There should be no hits what so ever. This is a requirement of the clinical agencies.

4. Applicants must schedule the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Exam (taken at the Ocean County College Testing Center only). Call 732-255-0400 ext. 2240 to schedule an appointment. You will not receive a "Date of Completion" without a passing score on the TEAS test.

Further information on this test, including an optional review course and rules about retaking the test in the event you do not pass it, can be found at the Admission to Nursing web page.


5. You must submit a copy of your Driver's License showing an Ocean County address with every Letter of Intent.


Nursing General Education Requirements

(students without a degree or high ACT/SAT scores must complete these classes before entering the program)

Two students in Nursing Practice LabMinimum grade of C in the following courses:

  • ENGL 151 & 152: English I & II
  • PSYC 172: General Psychology
  • CHEM 180: Introductory Chemistry or CHEM 181: Gen. Chem. I
  • BIOL 130 & BIOL 131: Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II (must be repeated if course was taken more than ten years ago)
  • One Math course (except MATH 151) from the list of Approved General Education Courses (MATH 156 recommended)
  • One Humanities course from the list of Approved General Education Courses
  • OCC Requirement: Any course from the list of Approved General Education Courses or ACAD 155 or any HEHP course totalling 3 credits.

***Microbiology (BIOL 232) is not a general education requirement, however, it must be taken before entering

Nursing 3. If you are transferring the course, it cannot be older than 10 years and would have to be repeated.***


*We strongly recommend that students with a degree or required ACT/SAT scores complete as many of their general education requirements as possible before entering the Nursing Program. Students accepted without completing their nursing general education requirements must take those required courses concurrently with the other nursing courses with the exception of A&P I & II. They may only be taken concurrently with nursing if you have a degree or required ACT/SAT scores (see Curriculum link).

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Center for Academic Excellence for additional assistance.

**We reserve the right to change admission criteria and curriculum at our discretion.**