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Career Mobility Admissions

The New Jersey Board of Nursing and National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission have approved the revised Career Mobility proposal. It will now be easier to meet the academic requirements for completing the A.A.S. Degree in Nursing at OCC.

The licensed practical nurse seeking admission to the Career Mobility Program must:

The student will be charged for 9 credits of challenge by exam fees for the following:

You must meet with Professor Millan to review eligibility for sitting for the exam.


Upon successful completion of all the above criteria the students will receive the 9 credits for NURS 175 (Nursing 1) and will be admitted into NURS 176 (Nursing 2) dependent upon sitting availability.

If unsuccessful, the student must apply for entry into the generic Nursing Program beginning with Nurs. 1 through the Admissions Office.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Nursing Program Office at 732.255.0393.

The applicant must provide to Prof. Millan at the time of the meeting:

The applicant will then be given a bill for the Credits by Challenge Exam ($250) which must be paid prior to the time of the exam. The paid receipt can be given to Prof. Millan at the time fo the exam.

Successful completion of the Credit by Challenge Exam results in the applicant's ability to enroll in NURS. 176

(nursing 2). However, it does not guarantee seat availabilty.

Applicants must contact Prof. Millan via e-mail to make an appointment ( to validate

eligibility. No phone appointments will be made.