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Student nurses ready to graduate: Spring 2006

Student Nursing Organization:

On April 4th 2006 the nursing faculty voted unanimously to allow student representatives appointed by SNO to vote in the nursing curriculum, outcomes, and faculty meetings. Although any student may attend these meetings, only the single designee of the Student Nursing Organization (SNO) will be given the right to vote. This should allow students a stronger voice in the nursing program governance. SNO is open to any pre or current nursing student. Meeting dates are posted on the SNO bulletin board located in the nursing building.

Lab Schedules:

Lab Schedules are updated weekly and posted on bulletin boards and Ocean Cruiser for open and practice labs.

Nuring Student Handbook:

The handbook contains helpful and required information for the successful completion of your course of study in nursing. It lists and explains the procedures which must be followed for student grievances, training, attendance, students activities, etc.

All students should be thoroughly familiar with its contents for a successful educational experience. It is distributed to all current nursing students for their review.


ATI Assessment Driven Review

The ATI testing is designed to be given as a formative assessment during the semester and provides a mechanism to identify areas of weakness which allows for immediate action based on this assessment. This process thereby “closes the loop on assessment” and provides for immediate remediation and corrective action. It is a tremendous benefit to the student as they progress through the program.

Students are required to participate and pay for this program out of their course fees. It is important for students to "try their best" on these assessments even those it is not part of their course grades. An individual, who dismisses the test, hurts themselves and the rest of their fellow students. This would provide inaccurate information with respect to their own performance and the performance of the entire class. Such students will be referred to the Dean's office for disciplinary action and sanctions. It is not fair to the other students.

The faculty of the OCC nursing program believe that involving nursing students in the assessment process puts them in control of their own success and in touch with the skills they need to take responsibility for their own progress and success.

Students with disabilities:

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Center for Academic Excellence for additional assistance.