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Engineering is the application of scientific and technical knowledge to solve human problems. Engineers use imagination, judgment and reasoning to apply science, technology, mathematics, and practical experience. The result is the design, production, and operation of useful objects or processes. OCC has an engineering program that can start you on a path to a career in engineering. You will need excellent grades and aptitude in both math and science.

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Engineers are in demand!

Engineers are currently in demand all over the world, in fact, the United States is trying desperately to catch up to India and China in producing new engineers. The average starting salary in 2005 for an engineer with a bachelor's (4-5 year) degree ranges from $36,000 to $50,000. This is significantly higher than salaries for graduates with bachelor's degrees in many other fields. The aging infrastructure of many of the United States' highways, bridges and buildings have made a critical shortage of civil engineers.

"Civil engineering work over the next decade will be rebuilding, as opposed to constructing, America's crumbling infrastructure. Most of this will take place in urban areas where budgets are tight and only projects that are in a state of crisis are funded. Civil engineers will also be building water treatment plants and hazardous waste processing sites. Demand for civil engineers is expected to be strong."

"To ensure our continued leadership in the world, I am committed to building on our record of results with new investments' especially in the fields of physical sciences and engineering. Advances in these areas will generate scientific and technological discoveries for decades to come."

Associate in Science (AS) in Engineering

Professional opportunities for engineers continue to be strong in today's technological world. The first two years of college work are much the same for all branches of engineering. The OCC engineering program is a good basic program for those who have not yet made their choice of an engineering college. Additional courses in the fields of engineering specialization are advised to achieve junior status in the transfer college of choice. To ensure that the appropriate transfer courses are taken, students should discuss course sequence with a faculty advisor in the Engineering Studies Department during the first semester of study.

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