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Photo of surveying during an an archaeology dig. Photo courtesy Wessex ArchaeologySurveyors work with engineers, architects and builders to produce precise descriptions (surveys and maps) of surface features of the Earth. They are licensed professionals who provide a vital service to the building, construction and real estate industries.

Surveying is a major demand job in New Jersey. OCC can help you start taking courses that could begin a new career for you.

Surveying Courses:

AS General Studies

This program is for those students who wish to explore career fields or to build an individualized program to meet special career needs by drawing from components of existing career programs. Students may plan either transfer or career programs to meet the requirements for the Associate in Science degree by completing:

a) At least 18 hours beyond college core curriculum from one college department.

b) A minimum of 30 hours of general education courses. Students who are planning transfer programs should take ENG-152.

c) Sufficient additonal hours to meet the general requirements for the degree as outlined in the section on degrees.

>> Advising worksheet for AS General Studies

Transfer to NJIT's BSSET Program

Students who wish to complete a career in surveying can apply to New Jersey Institute of Technology’s B.S. in Surveying Engineering Technology Program.

Careers in Surveying

Careers in Surveying and Mapping Technology

National Society of Professional Surveyors: Career Paths

Surveyor Opportunities in the Bureau of Land Management