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This placement test is required of all students who want to register for Pre-Calculus (MATH 191) or a higher-level course. The only exceptions are those students who have successfully completed the OCC pre-requisite course, listed in the Catalog, for the desired course.

The test is administered by the OCC Testing Center.

Do not be misled by the word "test" - there is no passing or failing grade for the College-Level Mathematics Placement Test. The test helps us assess proficiency in college algebra through Pre-Calculus topics. Thereby enabling Ocean County College to assist students in choosing the appropriate level course based on their current ability level.

Studying for this test is NOT recommended. Doing so could place a student in too high a level course for the student's skill level, thus defeating the purpose of the test. The Mathematics Department wants to see all students succeed in mathematics - not struggle by having to re-take a course, or drop back to a lower-level course. That would delay completion of the degree and cost more money.

The College-Level Mathematics Placement Test contains a total of 20 questions representing several general categories. The categories are:

    1. Algebraic operations including simplification of rational algebraic expressions, factoring and expanding polynomials, and simplifying roots and exponents.
    2. Solution of equations and inequalities, including the solution of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, systems of equations, and other algebraic equations.
    3. Coordinate Geometry involving plane geometry, the coordinate plane, straight lines, conics, sets of points in the plane, and graphs of algebraic functions.
    4. Applications and other algebra topics containing complex numbers, series and sequences, determinants, permutations and combinations, factorials, and word problems.
    5. Functions including polynomial, algebraic, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.

Here are three websites that provide a brief review of these topics.

Final determination of placement is based on the College-Level Mathematics Placement Test score, the student’s declared major, and high school grades in Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and/or Calculus. This is done through the Counseling/Advising Office and/or the Mathematics Department.

OCC Policy #5161 states the course placement for the score on this test. Any student who wishes to appeal his/her placement must petition the Dean of the Mathematics Department for resolution.

Questions may be directed to the Mathematics Department at 732.255.0368.