Begin Pre-Nursing in High School


Nursing students entering medical centerTake Pre-Nursing Classes while in High School. Speak to your guidance counselor about the "Jump Start" Program.

Excellent high school students may begin taking their pre-nursing classes in their junior year. Some courses are offered totally online (these require permission) and do not require travel to the college. The goal is to attract high school graduates directly into our award winning nursing program by starting them taking the pre-requisite nursing classes while they are still in high school.

Letter of Intent

minority nurse image courtesy of Johnson & Johnson Discover NursingSign a letter of intent available in Admissions to enter the Ocean County College Nursing Program in your junior or senior year for a future admission to the nursing program.

Take SATs for a quick start

Take the SATs in your junior or senior year. A combined score of 1100 in Math and Critical Reading on the SAT I may qualify you for a faster entry into the nursing program. Students who do not achieve an 1100 are still getting a "jump start" by completing 3 prerequisite nursing courses while still in high school.

Guidance Counselor's Permission

You must be an excellent student to enter this program and have your guidance counselor's written permission to take any "jump start" course including online courses.