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Student Nursing Organization (SNO)

All perspective and enrolled nursing students are members of SNO through OCC Student Life. SNO is a local chapter of the New Jersey Nursing Student (NJSN, Inc.) and National Student Nurse Association (NSNA). Membership at the national level is voluntary and includes state membership. SNO follows the NSNA protocols and policies.

Meeting dates are posted on the SNO Bulletin Board in the Nursing Bldg.

Objectives of SNO include: elevation of personal and professional standards of nursing students at OCC; promotion of leadership characteristics and team work within SNO; and promotion of health awareness and community service to OCC and the local community.

The structure of SNO includes seven elected officers who serve as the SNO executive board along with elected course level representatives. The Executive Board serves to:

  • Act as a liaison between program committees and the student.
  • Act as the governing body for the SNO.
  • Consider and act upon written recommendations and reports at the scheduled monthly SNO meetings.
  • Organize and implement SNO activities.