Nursing Program Curriculum

nursing students preparing parenteral medications

Nursing Program Curriculum of Study

*General Education courses may only be taken with Nursing (excluding A&P I&II) if you have a degree or required ACT/SAT scores. If not, they must be completed before entering the program.

*These courses must be completed with a "C" or higher before proceeding to the next semester.

BIOL 130, 131 or 232 must be repeated if they are more than 10 years old.

Students with a Bachleors Degree or high ACT/SAT scores must have A&P I & II completed before applying.

It is highly recommended that all General Education courses be completed before entering the program in order to meet the high demand of the nursing courses.


NURS 175 Nursing I 9 s.h.
ENGL 151 English I * 3 s.h.
BIOL 130 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4 s.h.

CHEM 180 or higher

Chemistry* 4 s.h.


NURS 176 Nursing II 9 s.h.
NURS 174

Nutrition (co-req. of Nurs. 176) *

(cannot be transferred, must be taken at OCC as a co-req.)

3 s.h.
ENGL 152 English II * 3 s.h.
BIOL 131 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4 s.h.


BIOL 232

Microbiology *

4 s.h.
NURS 273 Nursing III 9 s.h.
MATH 156 or higher * 3 s.h.

OCC Requirement: Any course from the list of Approved General Education Courses or ACAD 155 or any HEHP Course

3 s.h.


NURS 274 Nursing IV 10 s.h.
NURS 275 Contemporary Nursing 2 s.h.
  Humanities Gen. Ed. requirement * 3 s.h.
PSYCH 172 General Psychology * 3 s.h.

Students that are On Site On Line will be given priority registration for Nurs. 174 OSOL

and Nurs. 275 OSOL. Traditional students will then be allowed to register for the

remaining open seats.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Center for Academic Excellence for additional assistance.