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The Pendulum: Photo coutesy Smithsonian InstitutePhysics provides excellent preparation for an undergraduate because it is the foundation for all the sciences and for engineering. Not only that, it is also a fantastic springboard into almost any career or graduate program, from medicine to law to business to education.

Want to make your application to medical school or law school or an MBA program stand out? Major in physics it will immediately be noticed! Want to have your pick of secondary teaching jobs? Any physical science major will be much in demand.

Technically trained people are once again in demand. "There are too few people choosing technical careers," says the senior vice president of Google, quoted in the Wall Street Journal (7/26/06). Others involved in technical employment are quoted in the same article: "the search for technical talent has become fiercely competitive," and "a professional particularly a woman with technical skills means that employers are knocking down your door."

Water dropOCC just opened its new and modern physics lab in Spring, 2006. The equipment is being continuously updated and fully computerized. The instruction emphasizes active learning and hands-on experimentation, and strikes a balance between physics theory and practical application. All the instructors have "real-world" experience.

OCC students who take our physics sequence will be well prepared to transfer to a four-year college, whether to continue in physics or math or engineering, or in another science, or in a pre-med/pre-dental/pre-vet program, or any other program in which quantitative applications are needed, such as business or finance or computer science.

Suggested Curriculum of Study

Take the first two years at OCC and transfer to a top college or university! Kean University is now right on campus! Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college and major in physics or engineering should take these courses beyond the liberal arts - A.A. degree core. The list below includes science and math core courses:

Physics I/II/III (PHYS 281/282/283) calculus-based

Calculus I/II/III (MATH 265/266/267)

What you should do at OCC?

Talk to your advisor

Your faculty advisor or guidance counselor is a great source of information for advice on classes to take, career path options, and job opportunities.

Consider how long you want to be in school

For some physics jobs, a two-year college degree is sufficient. These are usually the technician jobs, which are not the highest paying jobs. Most physics careers require at least a bachelor's degree and often an advanced degree, such as a master's degree. Research jobs typically require a doctorate, which may take five or six years of intense and demanding training. A bachelor's degree in physics also opens the door to graduate work in almost any other career that requires logical and/or quantitative thinking - medicine, law, business, science teaching, computer science, and any field of engineering.


Ask your professors about part-time jobs

Many professors hire student assistants to help with library, field, and laboratory research. Not only will you earn some money and experience, but you'll also develop a professional relationship with someone who can give you career advice and write letters of recommendation.

Find summer internships

Internships are a good way to learn about a career, make contacts, and gain experience in physics. Some internships may provide opportunities to do an original research project-a very rewarding experience that will show you how science works and get you thinking about graduate school.