Cardboard Canoe Race 2000

Pictures of the First Cardboard Canoe Race Contest!

The first Cardboard Canoe Race Contest for physics and technology students was held in the OCC pool on May 7, 1999. Students had all year to design the canoes. Since we gave prizes to every member of the teams that won, each student received a $5 gift certificate to the OCC Book Store. The prizes were given by the OCC Foundation. Manchester won for the fastest, and the most attractive (two different boats), Toms River North for holding the most weight (they got 31 kids in the canoe before they took a dip), Brick won for the most team spirit, and some OCC students won the build your own boat to float, the only one to make it the length of the pool. Ocean County Vocational Technical Schools won for using the most recycled materials. I would say they had a lot of fun. The College provided donuts and juice. In future years, we will need to think about making this an all day affair. Will we do it again?  Yes!

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