Office of Multicultural Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OMS?
OMS stands for the Office of Multicultural Services.  We welcome all students and especially reach out to students of color and international students who are encouraged to take advantage of OMS while adjusting to college life.  Advocacy and support as well as advising are our major services.   OMS is designed to provide a consistent focus for students from culturally diverse backgrounds by coordinating academic, social and personal-support services.

The Office of Multicultural Services also strives to increase the cultural awareness of all members of the college community by supporting various programs and clubs on campus and by acting as a liaison to the county community.  The Ocean County Multicultural Board is the framework that brings campus and community representatives together for planning and organizing these activities.

Will OMS help me pay for my books?
No, the OMS Program does not provide financial aid of any kind.

Why should I be involved in OMS?
If you are globally and multiculturally minded you may wish to be involved in the events, activities and clubs that OMS promotes and supports.  If you need a listening ear, we encourage you to visit.  We welcome all and are pleased o address any need(s) that you may have. 

Does the Office of Multicultural Services have Spanish-speaking personnel?
Tiene la Oficina de Servicios Multiculturales personal que hable Espa ñ ol
Yes, the Office of Multicultural Services, Community Outreach Specialist is dedicated to supporting the Spanish speaking community as well as other newcomer and/or immigrant communities.  Jose Olivares is available on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.  He may be contacted by telephone at 732. 225.0311.