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Frequently Asked Questions

"" Where is the Registration and Records Office?
The office is located on the main floor of the Administration Building (building #9) on the main campus in Toms River. Don't use a basement entrance. Go up the main ramp, through the doors, down the hall to the end, and turn right.

I am a new student. Where do I begin?
Click here!

How can I register for courses?
Full time students should meet with an advisor prior to registration, and at that point they may be given access to register online via WebAdvisor, or instructions to register in person in the Registration and Records Office.

Most part time students can register online.  New students must register in person.  There are special registration instructions for new students who live out of the area.

Registration & Records is open Monday - Thursday from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. and on Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. with registration hours Monday - Thursday from 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

I am a current OCC student. When can I register?
Generally, Fall Semester registration begins in April, and Spring Semester registration begins in November.  Quick Term registration begins just prior to the start of the major semesters. Summer registration begins in February, and Intersession registration begins in November. Check our registration calendar for exact dates.

Can I drop a class?
Yes, and when you do it can make a big difference.
If a class is dropped prior to the official start of the term, you will receive a full  tuition refund. Drops after the semester begins (but before the attendance census date) do not require instructor consent, and will be at a 50% tuition refund. After the attendance census date, instructor consent is required to withdraw from courses, and there is no tuition refund. Students may receive a W for withdrawals completed before the Withdrawal Deadline Date. If a student stops attending or is administratively withdrawn after this date, an “F” will be assigned.

Learn more about OCC's Withdrawal policy

Can I add a class?
Yes, but the time frame is short. Usually you can add a class during the first two official days of the term. After this, you will need the instructor's signed approval on your drop/add form to add a class. The drop/add form must be received by the Registration and Records Office by the Attendance Census Date of the semester.  Exact dates can be found at

How do I get my classes for next semester?
Around mid-semester, pre-registration information for the next upcoming semester will be posted on our web site, and also emailed to all students via Ocean Cruiser.  The schedule of classes will be available online at that time.

How do I get a letter to an insurance company or any other agency verifying that I'm a full time student?
Use your Ocean Cruiser Account.

  1. Log onto Ocean Cruiser
  2. Click WebAdvisor tab
  3. Under Academic Profile (on the left), click on Enrollment Verification
  4. Read the message, then click Continue – you will be brought automatically to the Student Clearinghouse website
  5. Click Obtain an Enrollment Certificate
  6. Once the pdf comes up on the screen, print out the certificate.
    Go to the  Registration & Records Office. You will need to fill out an Information Release Form, and present identification.  Remember to bring the exact name and address of the insurance company or agency you wish us to contact.

How do I get a transcript of my grades?
Official transcripts (which have the College's seal affixed) are mailed only to another college or organization.  Students may obtain an unofficial transcript (also known as a "student copy," which is an unsealed copy that doesn't have the official stamp on it). Transcripts must be requested in writing.  The Transcript Request Form is available on our web site for you to print, complete and send to us.
There is no charge for transcripts. 

How do I change my major/program to a different curriculum?
Go to the Advising Office (across the hall from the Registration & Records Office) to get a Change of Curriculum Form.  You will need a signature from an Academic Advisor before you submit the form to the Admissions and Records Office.  An advisor will discuss different degrees and how a change could affect your academic record.