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What is a disbursement?

A 'disbursement' is when your financial aid awards are paid into your account. It is possible to have different disbursement dates for different types of financial aid (Grants/Loans etc.)

When will my financial aid be disbursed?

Financial aid disbursement dates vary per student and can be delayed for different reasons (verification, FAFSA review etc.)

Your financial aid is awarded and disbursed by term (Fall, Spring etc.) and generally, aid is disbursed after a term begins and the "add/drop period" has closed. Until disbursement and as long as you meet all eligibility requirements, your financial aid awards will be on 'pending' status. Once disbursed, these awards will change to 'applied' status. You can check the status of your awards through Ocean Cruiser.

How is my financial aid disbursed?

All financial aid awards are disbursed electronically directly to your account, regardless of whether you have an outstanding balance at the time of disbursement.

Why is my disbursement amount different to the amount on my award letter?

Disbursement amounts can vary from the amount given on your financial aid award letter for several reasons.

Financial aid award letters are accessible through your Ocean Cruiser account. Any changes to your award amounts will reflect on your award letter immediately. It is your reponsibility to periodically check your award letter for any changes before and during the term.

Can my disbursements be cancelled?

Financial aid awards will be cancelled if you fail to maintain eligibility requirements through the academic year. This can be as a result of a withdrawal from class(es), unsatisfactory academic progress, selection for verification etc.
It is important to provide accurate information at the time of applying for financial aid and during an application review (verification) as new or conflicting information throughout the academic year can affect your awards retroactively.

What happens if my disbursement exceeds my expenses?

If your financial aid awards exceed the total charges for tuition, fees and bookstore expenses following disbursement you will be issued a 'refund check' within 14 days of the date the award(s) is applied to your account.
All checks will be mailed to the address listed on your account. It is therefore very important to keep your contact information up to date with the Ocean County College Admissions & Records Department and update them of any changes to this information as soon as possible.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy Attestation

Can my disbursement pay an outstanding balance from a previous term?

In most cases, a disbursement cannot be used to pay an outstanding balance from a previous term. If the Ocean County College Cashiers Department agrees to this transfer however, you will be required to authorize the use of these funds with them.

What happens if I withdraw from classes?

If you reduce your enrollment credits pre-disbursement, your financial aid awards will be adjusted accordingly and may no longer be enough to cover your expenses.

If you officially withdraw from all classes or stop attending all classes during a term, there may be financial conseuqences. The Financial Aid office must calculate the amount of financial aid you have earned based on the percentage of the classes completed, and any remaining disbursed funds will be returned to the financial aid programs.

Any withdrawal may result in charges to your account and a bill owed to the College. It is very important to consider this before withdrawing from a class(es) and discuss it with an Advisor, or the Financial Aid office.

For more information, see Withdrawals and Return of Title IV Funds Policy.