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Woman smilingSlightly more than 100 Ocean County College students work on-campus or perform community service work off-campus during the academic year. On campus they work in academic departments, laboratories, administrative offices, and the library. Many students perform clerical work. A student with specialized skills or training may find a job that uses that skill, for example, a lifeguard. Off campus employment at community service jobs, including reading and math tutoring are available.

Federal Work Study (FWS)
The Federal Work Study program(FWS) is a federally funded financial aid program. The purpose of the program is to place financially eligible students on campus in part-time employment so that students can earn funds while attending college. To be considered for FWS funds a student must file a FAFSA form by the priority deadline, and must be financially eligible according to federal and college policies. Students must fill out a Student Application and submit to the Financial Aid Office by July 15th of each year for consideration. Notification of job placement will begin after August 15th and continues though September. Student must file a FAFSA form each year and must continue to be financially eligible to participate.

Students with Federal Work Study may also use their award to work at off-campus community service agencies such as reading and math tutoring at elementary schools in the area, as well as for non-profit agencies.

Whether working on or off campus the FWS program provides the opportunity for students to interact with future employers, obtain references, meet college staff and administration, other students, have fun, and most importantly make a difference!

Wages and Workload

How to Apply for a Job
The Financial Aid Office coordinates the College Work Study Program. Students with low EFCs are notified of their eligibility to participate in the work study program in a summer mailing; included in this mailing is a student application. The deadline for returning this Student Application is July 15th. You may also download this form, complete, and return by the deadline date. Once received the student is mailed a work study packet containing a W-4 IRS Tax form, and DHS I-9 Form for completion as well as more information about the FWS Program. When a file is complete and student eligibility is confirmed the job placement process begins. Notification of job placement begins on August 15th and continues through September. The Work Study Coordinator will contact the student in regard to job placement. Job openings are posted on a bulletin board in the Career Center .  

All forms may be downloaded by clicking the following links

Work Study Packet
W-4 IRS Tax Form
DHS I-9 Form / I-9 Spanish Version and List A/B/C (last page) of the I-9

Student employees are paid every two weeks based on the number of hours reported on their time sheets. A paycheck is mailed to the student's permanent mailing address. Student earnings are not credited directly to a student's account.

First-time workers complete a W-4 IRS tax withholding form and a U.S. Department of Justice Form I-9. To complete the tax form the student must provide his/her social security number and determine the number of allowances for withholding tax he/she wants to claim. Under the Immigration Reform Act the College is required to have every employee complete a Form I-9. To comply with this law a first-time employee must furnish one of the items listed in List A, or one of the items in List B plus one from List C. The student must show the Work Study Coordinator or financial aid staff member the documents at the time he/she signs up for payroll. The documents must be originals, and if a birth certificate is used, it must be certified.

To view the Work Study Webpage for more information Please click here (under construction).