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The Crisis Response Team is comprised of individuals from diffrent areas of the college. All emergency calls go directly to the Security emergency line (x2200 or red phone).

After receiving an emergency call (x2200 or red phone), Security may contact a member of the Crisis Response Team for assistance. The Crisis Response Team members will be called by Security to help in an emergency situation.

Each situation or crisis is different, and may require different handling after the call to Security (x2200 or red phone) is made. Security and the College Nurse may arrive at the scene after the call, and may decide that another member of the Crisis Response Team is needed.  At times, it may become necessary to escort the individual to a Crisis Response Team member or to an agreeable campus location until the Team member arrives. However, the person should never be left unattended until Security or another designated person arrives on the scene.  

We want to follow-up with students who are in crisis.  Please call Dr. Kate Pandolpho (x2941), leave your name, a phone number at which you can be reached during daytime hours and a brief summary of the crisis situation that occurred. Please try to get contact information from the student and include it with your message.

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