New Student Orientation

Who Should Attend Orientation?

Orientation is required for all first-time, full-time students entering the college during a Fall or Spring semester.

New students will register for classes at the New Student Orientation. The sooner students attend orientation, the more course choices they will have.

Students who have completed the College's placement test or have submitted any of the following scores on the SAT (Critical Reading 540+, Math 530+), HSPA (Language Arts 235+, Math 250+), PSAT (Critical Reading 54+, Math 53+), or ACT (English 23+, Math 22+)  are eligible to attend a four-hour orientation session held during various times throughout the summer and winter months.

Part-time students are encouraged, but not required, to attend orientation. Part-time students have the option to view our Online Orientation below. *

*Depending on your computer, you might have to open this page in Google Chrome to view the presentation. Prezi requires Flash Player 11.1 or better.

How Do I Register for Orientation?

After you have submitted your SAT,HSPA, PSAT or ACT scores and/or taken the placement test, please call the Academic Advising Center at 732.255.0300 to schedule your orientation.

What Happens at Orientation?

Students will...

  1. Take a walking tour of OCC's beautiful campus with a current student as your guide and learn all about clubs, organizations and sports.
  2. Learn about important academic policies, procedures and deadlines.
  3. Talk with an advisor about your goals, plans and dreams while choosing a degree program of study.
  4. Login to your own personal OCC email/campus account.
  5. Search for classes, design your own schedule and register for the next semester.
  6. Make payment arrangements for your semester bill.
  7. Enjoy yourself as you make independent decisions for your future!

Parents will have the option to attend a separate Parent Orientation - click here to visit webpage for more information.