Computer Science – Information Technology Associate in Science Program

This program will prepare students for transfer to a four-year college to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer information systems. The curriculum follows the model provided by the Association of Computing Machinery and the Institute of Electrical Engineers Computer Society in order to assure maximum transferability. Upon graduation, students can expect to transfer to a four-year college with junior status. The field of information technology is interdisciplinary, with applications to all aspects of the economy. Information technologists need a balance of software and hardware applications with concentration in specific courses. Effective problem solving is central to this degree; this curriculum provides the necessary foundation. The software development process (composing and coordinating components of a program) requires that students construct algorithms for problem solving with appropriate documentation.

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This curriculum has been designed to prepare the student to meet the future needs of integration, design, deployment and management of computing, resources and services.

The department recommends the following minimal criteria for prospective students in the Information Technology option: (1) High school diploma or equivalent, (2) Cumulative high school grade point average of C or above, (3) Ranked in top half of high school graduating class, and (4) No developmental studies requirement.

Required Courses

2 of the following 6 Lab Science Sequence courses are required:

Additional Requirements

  • Social Science General Education (6 credits): Courses satisfying this requirement must be taken from the list of Approved General Education Social Science courses (course type: GSOC).
  • Humanities Gen Ed Electives (6 credits): Courses satisfying this requirement must be taken from the list of Approved General Education Humanities courses (course type: GHUM).
  • OCC Requirement (3 credits): Any course from the list of Approved General Education courses OR ACAD-155 OR Any HEHP course(s)
  • Electives (to meet required 64 credits) : 9 credits Developmental courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement. Students should select electives relevant to the Bachelor’s Degree concentration. Kean Ocean students need COMM 154 and MATH 270 as general electives.