APA? MLA?  Works Cited? List of References?

Documenting sources in your essays usually results in questions -- and it can be difficult to find answers. 

Luckily these answers, in the form of detailed instructions for citing the most commonly used sources from OCC's library, can be found throughout the pages in the site.

You should start with "Citing Sources" in the list to the left or below for an overview of how to include sources in your own work. 

Click on the MLA or APA links for instructions on documenting a variety of sources available at OCC library.

Instructions on setting up your essay on the page is found on "How to Format Essays."

For a descriptive list of specific sources held in our library, see The "List of OCC Sources."  Use it to narrow your searches to the material that will best support your ideas.

And finally, Writing Links consists of a number of sources which should help you plan, revise, and proofread your essay.

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