Remedial Sequence of English Courses

Students Writing

The English Department changed the developmental English sequence of courses, combining the Reading and Writing.  Depending on when you entered Ocean County College, you were told which remedial courses you required.  If you tested into the new sequence, simply take the courses indicated on your placement test results.  If you tested into the old sequences, use the guide below to determine what the new equivalent courses are.  Any questions, please ask your advisor.

The old sequences are:

Reading Sequence
ENGL 010 Fundamentals of Reading and Study I (3 credits)
ENGL 011 Fundamentals of Reading and Study II (2 credits)


Writing Sequence
ENGL 020 English Fundamentals I (3 credits)
ENGL 021 English Fundamentals II (4 credits)

The new combined sequence is:
ENGL 091 Reading and Writing I (4 credits)
ENGL 095 Reading and Writing II (4 credits)

For the Fall 2009 Semester: