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Parking Permits

Student parking permits are not required to park on the Campus. Students must park within white lines in parking lots 1, 2, 5 & 6. All other areas will be ticketed for illegal parking.


Summons can be paid at the Accounting Office on the second floor of the Administration Building, or mailed in with the envelope provided.

The Fine Table

V 01$15.00Parking in a staff/faculty space without conspicuously displaying a proper permit.
V 02$25.00Parking in a non-designated parking area.
V 03$25.00Parking in signed reserved space.
V 04$15.00Occupying more then one parking space.
V 05$25.00Blocking or impeding traffic flow.
V 06$25.00Parking in a FIRE ZONE or Loading Zone.
V 07$250.00Parking in a handicapped space without conspicuously displaying a proper permit or parking in the van unloading cross-hash area.
V 08$50.00Removal of anti-mobilization device (Boot).
V 09$100.00Towing. Does not include towing company fees.
V 10$25.00 to $100.00Smoking on Campus.

If you need further assistance determining your total fine please stop by Building 2 and speak with an Officer.

Appeal of a ticket: A ticket may be appealed providing the appeal is made in writing and submitted to the security office within 20 days from the issuance date of the ticket. Request forms for the appeal of traffic violations may be obtained from security located in Building 2, the Security / Welcome Center building at the South end of Lot #1. Failure to properly file an appeal request form shall result in the forfeit of the right to appeal.

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