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Ain Shams University

We are happy to announce a new three-way, dual degree partnership linking Ocean County College, Kean University, and the College of Business of Ain Shams University. Ain Shams is one of Egypt’s largest, oldest, and most prestigious public universities.

OCC will provide online courses to selected Ain Shams University students in the first two years of their undergraduate studies. The students will also take face-to-face courses from Ain Shams faculty. Students will benefit in two ways:

  • Exposure to an American curriculum with hybrid courses taught by American faculty members.
  • Participation in coursework and instruction relevant to the goals and objectives of Egypt’s educational system.

For the last year of their program students will join Kean University, take Kean’s online courses, and earn a bachelor’s degree from Kean’s business program. Students will also continue to register for face-to-face business courses given by Ain Shams faculty and will earn a bachelor’s degree in business from Ain Shams University.

This three-way partnership is groundbreaking. We are using technology in an innovative way to provide affordable, high-quality education to students around the world. This partnership represents the new face of educational globalization.

For more information contact Dr. Maysa Hayward at

For additional information please view the provided documents.

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