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President's Communication

January 17, 2020Spring Colloquium
August 29, 2019Fall Colloquium
January 17, 2019Spring Colloquium
August 30, 2018Fall Colloquium
January 19, 2018Spring Colloquium
August 31, 2017Fall Colloquium
January 20, 2017Spring Colloquium
September 1, 2016Fall Colloquium
January 21, 2016Spring Colloquium
September 3, 2015Fall Colloquium
January 21, 2015Spring Colloquium
August 28, 2014Fall Colloquium
January 21, 2014Spring Colloquium
August 29, 2013Fall Colloquium
January 18, 2013Spring Colloquium (PDF)
August 30, 2012Fall Colloquium (PDF)
January 19, 2012Spring Colloquium (PDF)
September 1, 2011Fall Colloquium (PDF)
April 28, 2011Fall Colloquium (PDF)
January 21, 2011Spring Colloquium (PDF)
September 2, 2010Fall Colloquium (PDF)
January 22, 2010Spring Colloquium (PDF)
September 3, 2009Fall Colloquium (PDF)
January 20, 2009Spring Colloquium (PDF)
August 28, 2008Fall Colloquium (PDF)
January 17, 2008Spring Colloquium (PDF)
October 26, 2007Dr. Larson’s Report to the Commission On Higher Education (PDF)
August 30, 2007Fall Colloquium (PDF)
January 18, 2007Spring Colloquium (PDF)
August 31, 2006Fall Colloquium (PDF)
January 18, 2006Spring Colloquium (PDF)
September 15, 2005Remarks to the Jewish Federation of Ocean County (PDF)
August 31, 2005Fall Colloquium: President’s State of the College Address (PDF)
January 19, 2005Spring Colloquium (PDF)
September 1, 2004Fall Colloquium: The “New” Community College (PDF)
January 20, 2004Spring Colloquium: Celebrating 40 Years of Progress (DOC)
September 2, 2003A Sea Change (PDF)
February 6, 2003Dr. Larson’s Budget Message (PDF)
January 21, 2003Feel the Wind (PDF)
September 11, 2002Candlelight Vigil at OCC (PDF)
September 11, 2002September 11th Remembrance (PDF)
September 3, 2002Fall Colloquium: A Bolder Course (PDF)
April 17, 2002Foundation Scholarship Reception Ceremony (PDF)
March 21, 2002State of the College Address (PDF)

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Ocean County College

“Ocean County College is rapidly becoming one of the finest community colleges in the nation. Every day on our campus, the anticipation and excitement from faculty, staff, students, and the community is palpable.”

~ Jon Larson, President

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