Civility Links

The Team on Campus Civility recommends the following web sites:

Campus Debate:  In this article, "civil" disagreement is provided with a forum:  

Manners:  In this essay, a pediatrician views manners as the basis for maturity and the core of civilized human behavior:

Words Can Heal. Org -a national media and educational campaign to promote the value and practice of ethical speech in order to improve our democracy and build mutual respect, honor, and integrity.

Choosing Civility (2002), a book by Dr. P. M. Forni discusses civility, which he defines as "being constantly aware of others and weaving restraint, respect, and consideration into the very fabric of this awareness."

Campus Civility and the Law: This is an article in Lex Collegii, a legal newsletter for higher education, that examines college codes of conduct and the courts' responses on the basis of academic freedom and first amendment rights.

Free Speech and Civility:  Keeping the Balance is a response from the San Francisco State University college community to the events of 9/11--but it has a great deal to say about the connections between free speech and civil debate and offers an interesting link to information about a Hate and Hurt-free environment. free speech

Conflict Management, Let Me Count the Ways is a series of journal article on this hottest of topics

Special Report: Campus Civility Issues, focusing on student-student civility.