Chrissy Fleming

Kelly Fliller

A Place For Mom,
National Business Development Manager

Toms River, New Jersey

Q - What impact has social networking made on you personally?

A - I owe my career progression to social networking! During my time as a stay at home mom, about ten years ago, I started a “mom blog.” I have always loved writing, and thought it would make a great hobby – I never imagined it would become more than that. Within a short time, I was named a “Nickelodeon Parents Connect Top Parenting Blog,” and had a large following of daily readers as well as a growing digital presence. With it brought an opportunity to serve as a Meridian Momtourage Mom blogger, which I still am committed to today. That partnership led me to taking a position at Meridian Health in their corporate marketing department which opened the doors to my career in healthcare marketing.

Q - Which woman inspires you and why?

I am most inspired by my daughter, Molly, and the woman that I hope she becomes one day. I want to make sure that the chances that I take, and the decisions that I make, will serve as in inspiration to her. I know she is watching me closely, and I strive to make sure that I can be the best role model for her so that I can set her up to have a successful, fulfilling, blissfully happy life.

Q - What mantra or mission statement has helped you to succeed?

A - Having a clear path and understanding my process allows me to lay out what I need to do step by step to succeed. While I am not a religious person, the “mission statement” that has served as a personal foundation block for me comes from the Bible. Verse Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be open to you.” I have always interpreted this as making sure that I am consistently asking specifically with my requests as to make sure that I am in alignment with my needs and goals to succeed. So, therefore, I feel strongly that while you should ask, you should ask specifically.