Rewards Program

Get discounts and special offers using your OCC Rewards card!

Who is Eligible?

Rewards Cards
  • All OCC Alumni are eligible for a free Alumni Rewards card
  • All Academy for Lifelong Learning members will receive an Academy Rewards card
  • All full time OCC employees will receive an Alumni Rewards card

How Does It Work?

As a leader in the community, OCC collaborates with businesses to increase revenue and sustain growth for a strong Ocean County and beyond. Present your Alumni Rewards or Academy Rewards card at any of the following businesses for discounts and special offers available thorough OCC's partnerships with local, regional and national businesses.

How Can I Become a Rewards Partner?

Please fill out our online form to submit your business information.  

Enjoy discounts on the following services:

*One card per member. If you did not receive your card or need a replacement, please submit the update your information form. Please note, there is a replacement fee of $10.00/per card.