OCC Online

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There are a variety of online sites and services you will find helpful and/or be required to use while a student at OCC. Some require a login and password.

College Portal – Ocean Cruiser

Ocean Cruiser is the college portal and can be accessed via our main web page by clicking "Ocean Cruiser" at the top of the page. Ocean Cruiser contains a vast amount of information, and it is advised that a new student click on "first time user" (on the left side of the page) to become familiar with the many features this system provides. Some of this information is accessible without logging in, but to access all the system has to offer, you must log in. Your individual account should be available within 2 weeks of your application to the college being entered into our system. Your login is your firstname_lastname, all lower case and no spaces*. Your password for initial access will be your 7-digit college ID#, which can be found either at the bottom of your acceptance letter to the college, your OCC ID card, or on the bill/schedule you received upon registration. Upon your first access, you will be required to choose a private password. Please make note of it and utilize the password hint feature! Contained within Ocean Cruiser, you will find:

  • Email – All students will receive an email account through the college. This can be accessed within Ocean Cruiser (after logging in) by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the screen. Please be certain to check for email periodically as this is the college’s main method of communication with you. Your email address will be in the format firstname_lastname@occ.mailcruiser.com*
  • Coursework – some instructors will utilize Ocean Cruiser to post assignments or test grades within a course. Your individual instructor will let you know if this is utilized within a particular course.

Online Classes

Our online courses are designated with a section of "DL" followed by a number. To access your course log in to Ocean Cruiser and click "my online courses".

In the unlikely event you have difficulty, the E-learning web page also provides a number for Tech Support. Note you cannot access online courses before the first official date of the term.


Our Bookstore is located on our main campus, but it is also possible to shop at the Bookstore online. You can set up your own online access by clicking first on "Log In" on the left, and then clicking "Register here" to establish a log in and password for online purchases.

* The college has many names in our database that it is possible someone with your same first and last name already has a login. In that rare case, you may be assigned a different user name. If you are not sure of your user name visit What's My Login. By inputting other information, you can retrieve your user name.