Registration and Records Office

The Registration and Records Office is responsible for administrative procedures which pertain to the following areas:

  • Maintenance of official college records
  • Registration of students for classes
  • Certification of credits for graduation
  • Evaluation of transfer records
  • Issuance of transcripts
  • Withdrawal from courses and/or college

Becoming familiar with some of the policies, procedures and regulations of this office will be helpful to you as you work through your academic program.

Access to Student Files

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 was designed to protect the privacy of students and governs access to records and the release of such records. This applies to potential employers, schools where you may wish to transfer, reference checks, etc.

Written consent from the student must be obtained to release any but the following “Directory Information”: your name, address, telephone, date and place of birth, and other similar biographical information. If you do not wish to have this information released, you must notify the Vice President of Student Affairs Office within ten days of the first class day.

Change of Name, Address, Telephone

The Registration and Records Office should be notified on an official Information Change form of any change in this type of information


(Adding a course or changing a schedule)

Students may adjust their schedules any time prior to the first date of the semester without incurring a fee or penalty. After the semester has begun, students can add courses for 2 days without instructor consent.

After that, students can add courses only on an exception basis, with the instructor's signature, up to the attendance census date (see your bill/ schedule or the college's website for specific attendance census dates for the semester in question). After the attendance census date, no registration of any kind is allowed.

Drops after the semester begins (but before the attendance census date) do not require instructor consent and will be at a 50% refund. After the attendance census date, instructor consent is required to drop courses, and there is no refund. Students cannot withdraw from classes after the withdrawal deadline.


It is necessary to apply to graduate from Ocean County College. The college officially graduates students in late May and again in late August each year. Any student who completes degree requirements significantly in advance of the next scheduled official graduation may request a Certificate of Completion, as long as the student has already submitted the application for graduation.

Progress, Academic

It is the responsibility of each student to check his/ her academic progress during and at the end of each semester. If you are experiencing difficulty, you should consult your instructor. If there are errors in your record, it is your responsibility to bring them to the attention of this office.


Students who have stopped attending the college for any reason and would like to return must fill out an on-line application and mark the "reactivation" question when filling out the online form.


Don't pass up the opportunity to register early for better course selection and to avoid late registration. Our website will contain information regarding registration for the next semester. You should then:

  • Review your graduation requirements.
  • Review your curriculum using Program Evaluation through My Ocean or the appropriate college catalog.
  • Access the schedule of classes by going to our website,, and clicking the link for “Search for Classes.” (Authorized students may also register for classes using My Ocean).
  • Make an appointment with your Faculty Advisor.
  • Develop a tentative schedule that you can discuss with your advisor.

Sanctions, Academic

The academic sanctions for failing to maintain satisfactory academic standards/ progress may include probation, academic restriction and academic suspension. These sanctions will be imposed on students who either fail to earn sufficient grade points or who continue to withdraw excessively from classes.
A student placed on academic restriction or suspension may appeal the action to the Academic Standards Committee.


Transcripts to be sent to other colleges must be requested at the Office of Registration and Records. Allow a minimum of five working days for processing. 

Note: Processing during registration periods may be delayed due to unusually high work loads.

Transcript Evaluation

Coursework completed at other colleges must be evaluated by the Office of Registration and Records in order for you to apply any previously earned credits to your current program. You must arrange for official transcripts to be sent here from the colleges where the credits were earned. An official evaluation will be done by this office after which time you will be notified which credits have been accepted. 

The maximum allowable credits in transfer are half the total amount of semester hours required for the associate degree for the curriculum chosen (32 academic credits). You must be in a degree program in order to have transfer credits evaluated.