Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs welcomes you to Ocean County College!


Student Services at Ocean County College is based on a developmental model that fosters professionally guided self-exploration, which encourages the student to assess personal needs, values, interests and skills. Although self-understanding is a lifelong quest, OCC provides a unique opportunity to assist students in generating clear alternatives in academic, career, and personal decision-making that will determine the direction of one’s life. In short, these services create a climate that enriches the development of a student’s emotional intelligence.

Research shows that a significant key to success in life is the development of emotional intelligence. This is the ability to access one’s feelings and experience and use this information in guiding the most critical decisions that a person must make in life (e.g. choosing a college, major field of study, career, life partner, etc.). It is in this area of developing the wisdom of the “heart” that student services can have its most lasting effect on a student. OCC offers a unique opportunity to create a climate that encourages this exploration and development to take place. We know that students long remember learning when it is felt as opposed to just memorized or cognitively understood. Student Services encourages emotional learning that is linked to cognitive understanding.

The immediate benefit of this is academic achievement and retention, very tangible and measurable outcomes. A long-term benefit is the development of emotional wisdom and interpersonal savvy that guides life-long decision-making. The emotionally intelligent person has the ability to work effectively with other people in achieving goals in a culturally diverse and increasingly impersonal-technological world. The emotionally intelligent person has learned to manage his/ her weaknesses, capitalize on personal strengths and has the ability to develop mutually beneficial relationships with others.

The Student Services Team at Ocean County College welcomes you to the campus and looks forward to working with you in fostering your academic and personal achievement.

On behalf of the Student Affairs Staff,
Don Doran
Vice President of Student Affairs