Legal Office Assistant

This certificate prepares administrative and office support specialists for work in legal offices assisting attorneys and paralegals. You will learn how to read, interpret and prepare legal documents for various areas of law including probate, criminal law, civil actions and litigation. This certificate program will also instruct trial and appellate procedures, civil matters from filling through discovery and trial and project work. At the completion of this certification you will have acquired the skills necessary to be successful in a legal office support career.

Legal Office Procedures

This course provides a background of the law office and an overview of the duties required of the legal support staff. The preparation of pleadings and other court papers used in civil matters from the initial filing of a lawsuit through discovery, trial and the appellate procedures are examined. Other areas of the law are described such as family, wills, trusts and probate, business organizations, real estate, and criminal law. Actual legal cases provide realistic training in these areas of the law. Students are assessed to help those seeking employment in a law office. Textbook: Legal Office Procedures (approx. $ 70). 3.00 CEUs

Prerequisite: Students must have legal terminology textbook.

Legal Office Projects

This course will help you be proficient at office projects to include preparing memos, correspondence and legal documents using transcription. Prepare new client files, calculate and preparing client bills and maintaining records, prepare check requests and distribution to vendors, expense reports, update the office calendar and research the Internet for information relevant to a case the firm is handling. Textbook required: Legal Office Projects with CD (approx. $55). 1.60 CEUs

Prerequisite: Students must have legal terminology textbook.