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Closeup of an alien's face with the Earth reflected in it's eye

September 29, 2017

Revised October Schedule Features Halloween & More at Novins Planetarium!

Enjoy a celestial experience at the Robert J. Novins Planetarium (Bldg #13) on the Ocean County College Main Campus, College Drive, Toms River, NJ.  Please park in Parking Lot #2.  Enjoy a variety of laser, kids, and sky shows!


Sat, Oct 7, 14, 21, 28 at 8:30pm; Mon, Oct 9, and Sat, Oct 21, 28 at 2pm – Laser Fright Light (Ages 8 & up. NOTE: CONTAINS SOME SCARY SCENES) Looking for a unique way to send chills up your spine? Your favorite Halloween hits are set to haunting lasers! Playlist: “Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters,” “Godzilla,” “Boris the Spider,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Dead Man’s Party,” “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” “Frankenstein,” “Feed My Frankenstein,” “Iron Man,” “Men In Black,” “Monster Mash,” “Purple People Eater,” “Re: Your Brains,” “Thriller,” and a Horror Movie Theme Medley: Halloween, Insidious, Jaws, Nosferatu, and Psycho.

Sat, Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, and Mon, Oct 9 at 11:30am – Not-So-Scary Halloween Laser Show (Ages 2 & up). This is our kid-friendly Halloween laser show featuring the Kidz Bop versions of your favorite Halloween songs.

NEW! Fri, Oct 13 at 6:30pm – PJ Night! Host A Little Ghost & The Story of The Mystical Mums! (Ages 4 & up) Get your jammies on and get ready for some fun!  Meet the authors of this adorable book and hear the story under the stars! Join us for an evening of activities, reading, and fun! 6:30pm – Activities and 7pm – Show. Tickets: $10, all ages. Price includes pre-show activities and show!                                                                                         

Fri, Oct 20 at 6pm – PJ Night! Finding Alien Worlds! (Ages 5 & up). Get your jammies on and get ready for some fun! 6pm – Activities: Build your own alien. Create your own alien world and learn how your world may become a part of history! Imagine life on a planet made of slime! 7pm - Join Ms. Cara, as she teaches us about methods scientists use to discover “alien” worlds. (Of course, we’ll also boogie to some special Halloween laser music, too!) Tickets: $10, all ages. Price includes pre-show activities and show!


Sat, Oct 7, 14, 21, 28; and Mon, Oct 9 at 12:30pm – The Stars from My Backyard: Live Star Talk for Kids! (Ages 4 & up). Beginning with a beautiful sunrise, children learn about the sun, moon, weather, constellations, and planets visible in the current sky.  Along the way, fun stories, songs, and even a passing rainstorm help make this an exciting introduction to the sky for young children.                                   

Thurs, Sat, Oct 7 at 2pm – Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (Ages 5 & up). Embark on an outstanding adventure as two children spend a night touring all the planets in our solar system alongside their ship's navigator, a rather plucky astronomy book. You will visit each planet and learn fun and interesting facts about them! In the most dynamic fashion possible, the young star travelers are back to show you what could only be dreamed of before. From the boiling surface of the sun to the icy rings of Saturn, children of all ages will be mesmerized by the incredible scenery in motion. Discover the wonder of discovery!


Sat, Oct 7, 14 at 7pm Wonders of the Autumn Sky (Ages 10 & up) Join our live Planetarium presenter for an in-depth tour of our current sky over New Jersey!  This ever-changing program explores the season’s constellations, bright stars, visible planets, deep sky objects, and celestial highlights.  Constellation mythology and recent events are also included.  Prepare to ask questions and even answer them as our live presenter creates an informal atmosphere for your enjoyment of the current seasonal sky.

Sat, Oct 14 at 2pm – Did an Asteroid Really Kill the Dinosaurs? (Ages 7 & up). Did a space rock six miles wide slam into the Earth 66 million years ago and wipe out 75 percent of all living species at that time, including the dinosaurs? Cosmic collisions are abundant in our solar system. See the numerous craters on worlds like the moon, Mars, and even distant Pluto. Explore the dinosaur disaster up close, supported by evidence from the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Geology Department in this planetarium production.

Sat, Oct 21 and Oct 28 at 7pm – Space Aliens: Looking for Life in the Universe (Ages 8 & up. NOTE: CONTAINS SOME SCARY SCENES). Join our alien experts – “Hopeful” and “Skeptical” – as they examine eXtra-terrestrial files and try to convince each other whether or not life exists beyond the Earth.

Tickets: $10 adults, $8 Seniors/OCC Alumni, $7 children 12 & under (unless otherwise noted). To purchase tickets, visit the Novins Planetarium webpage at or call 732-255-0343, Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm, or Saturday from 11:30am to 8:30pm. Tickets are available at the door but advance purchase is recommended.

For recorded show information, call 732-255-0342.  For the latest news, events, show trailers, laser song playlists, and schedules, visit or visit us on Facebook.