Become a Teacher

New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey is an alternate route teacher education program. Students may choose to take the program as either a certification requirement to become a teacher in New Jersey, or for graduate-level credit toward a Master of Arts degree from NJCU.

This alternate route to teaching program is a partnership between NJ community colleges, New Jersey City University, the NJ Department of Education, the NJ Association of School Administrators, and the NJ Principals and Supervisors Association.

 Certificate of Eligibility (CE) is required for New Pathways to Teaching in NJ.  For persons who do not hold a CE, or who are seeking to obtain (an) additional CE(s), the following class is required: Introduction to Teaching - 24 Hour Program.

Introduction to the Teaching Profession - 24-Hour Program

For information about the New Jersey Professional Development for Teachers Regulations, please visit the New Jersey Department of Education web site at:

***Fall  2016 – Introduction to the Teaching Profession 24-Hour Course Schedule:

  • October 21, 22, 23

Visit the 24 Hour Program Flyer (PDF)

***Registration begins on July 13, 2016.