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Parents' Guide

How Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed In College

  • Encourage your son or daughter to use the resources on campus. Their student fees pay for these services and they are entitled to them.
  • Let your son or daughter know that he or she is responsible for understanding and following the policies and procedures written in the catalog, OCC website and the Student Handbook. Encourage your student to seek advising if they are unclear or need additional help.
  • This may be the first time that your son or daughter will have to balance work, school, and the social aspects of their lives. As parents, you can help them develop better time management skills.
  • Help your son or daughter to understand that more independent work is expected of them. The rule of thumb is that for every hour in the classroom, expect two to three hours of homework.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to connect with an advisor or faculty member on campus who may serve as a mentor.
  • Approximately 85% of OCC graduates transfer to four-year colleges. Encourage your son or daughter to start exploring his or her transfer options early. Visit our Transfer Services page.
  • OCC encourages all students to apply for financial aid. It is the only way to explore if funding is available to your family.
  • According to FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), OCC cannot share information about a student's progress with anyone other than the student without written consent from the student. Therefore, as a parent, communication is an important aspect of your relationship with your son or daughter.