Study Abroad

Ocean County College offers exciting Study Abroad opportunities to promote cross cultural understanding and awareness of global perspectives.  All OCC study abroad seminars are led by OCC faculty members and are open to students and the community.  Eligible OCC students may apply for a Study Abroad Scholarship through the OCC Foundation (see information below). 

Our superb international travel experiences include:

Travel In France 2016

Travel to France with OCC!

The Battlefields of Europe Travel Seminar (HIST 251) provides an incredible nine-day guided historical and cultural adventure throughout France and Luxembourg. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the two World Wars by visiting numerous “hot spots” (featuring D-Day beaches and memorials including Omaha and Utah Beach; Airborne Museum; and Coleville American Cemetery.) The trip will continue through Normandy with a guided tour of Mont. St. Michel, followed by three days in Paris, where participants will enjoy a cruise on the Seine and dinner in the Eiffel Tower, in addition to guided tours of the Louvre Museum; the Chateau of Versailles; and Montmartre.

The seminar will conclude in Luxembourg with stops at the Douaumont Ossuary in Verdun and the Bastogne War Museum.

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The travel portion of this seminar is scheduled over the OCC Winter Intersession; specifically January 4-14, 2016. Students can earn 3 credits in History/the Humanities. Members of the community are welcome to participate on a non-credit basis.

For information or an application, contact Robert Marchie, OCC Lecturer of History, at 732-255-0400 X2956, or

Registration Deadline: August 15, 2015.


World of the Maya – Mexico Seminar (ANTH239)
provides an eight-night guided archaeological, cultural, and ecological journey through the Maya world. Led by a Maya archaeologist, participants will explore magnificent ancient Maya ruins, living Maya villages, traditional markets, Spanish colonial towns, and wild flamingo and sea turtle sanctuaries. They will experience a blessing ceremony with an authentic Maya shaman, climb ancient Maya temples, and swim in sacred cenotes and the Caribbean Sea.

The travel portion of this seminar is scheduled over OCC’s Spring Break. Students can earn 3 credits in Anthropology/Social Science. Members of the community are welcome to participate on a non-credit basis.

For information or an application, contact Christine Kitchin, OCC Professor of Anthropology, at 732-255-0400 X2421, or at

Registration Deadline: January, 2016.

View the World of the Maya page.

Testimonials from Our Students:

“The World of the Maya travel seminar was actually a life-changing experience.  It introduced me to a culture and lifestyle that I barely knew existed.  It gave me a love for travel, and a particular love for history and culture, which I know I will continue to have for the rest of my life.”

Lisa M. Nyman
AA, OCC, 2012

“The World of the Maya Mexico Travel Seminar was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my college career thus far. I met some wonderful people and learned so much about the history of a lost civilization that I couldn't have learned by reading a book or sitting in a traditional classroom. It was the experience of a lifetime. I truly recommend everyone to take advantage of it.”

“Being able to learn in an unconventional way was so exciting. Walking along a sacbe, exploring caves, and enjoying the natural beauty of the Yucatan has left such a memorable impression on me. I truly benefited from the experience in a way I couldn't have done in a traditional classroom. I highly recommend The World of the Maya Mexico Travel Seminar.”

MarthaJean Rioux
AS, OCC, 2012  


Theatre in London
Travel with OCC to London to experience the British Theater.  See ten or more plays, take backstage tours, and join talk-back sessions with actors, directors, and playwrights.  Visit Stratford-Upon-Avon, plus have ample time for sightseeing, shopping, and museums.  Students will be enrolled in THTR 296 for three college credits.  Also open to community members on a non-credit basis.

View the Theatre in London page.

This seminar runs in January over Winter Intersession.  For more information, email Prof. Arthur Waldman at or call  732-255-0400 X2108 or Prof. Gary Shaffer at or call 732-255-0400 X2296

Japan TravelLearn

Learn about the rich culture and ancient traditions of Japan, including the Buddhist tea ceremony, with hands-on experiences in the Japanese arts of ceramics, indigo fabric dying, calligraphy, metal inlay, and the dressing of kimono.  Visit historic castles, Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, museums, tea houses, and serene Japanese gardens.  Students will be enrolled in ARTS 284 for three college credits.  Also open to community members on a non-credit basis.

This seminar runs during Summer Session I in May/June.  For more information, email Prof. Lisa Cecere at or call 732-255-0400 X2105  

Community Colleges for International Development (CCID)

Ocean County College is a proud member of Community Colleges for International Development.  CCID provides an international network for community colleges to further their internationalization initiatives and to enhance the development of a globally competent workforce for the communities they serve.

CCID also offers study abroad opportunities through its Troika program.  These short-term, faculty-led travel opportunities take students around the globe to study global business, culture, science, economics, healthcare and more.  Students earn college credits while experiencing a trip of a lifetime!

For more information about CCID, please visit

Scholarships For Study Abroad

OCC Foundation Scholarships:  The OCC Foundation frequently offers partial scholarships for full-time OCC students to participate in OCC-sponsored travel seminars and study abroad experiences.  Students should contact the professor leading the travel seminar for information on OCC Foundation scholarships available for that particular study abroad trip.

Outside Programs & Scholarships:  The US State Department lists study abroad programs and scholarship opportunities at