History of the OCC Jazz Band

Alexa Holler-Flute Nicholas Clifford, Baritone Saxophone. Anthony Hildebrandt, Piano Matthew Higgins, Guitar, Ian Horahan, Guitar Domenic Petrocelli, 8-String Guitar (Bass) Cody Canning, Drums Randy Adams, Drums (not pictured)
Jazz @ OCC Logo

In spring semester of 2014, MUSC-183 “Beginning Jazz Theory and Improvisation” was offered to OCC students. Eight students registered. A couple had some experience in jazz, while the others had experience in heavy metal and other styles of rock. The band began improvisation classes, which formed into a band. Week after week the band improved by leaps and bounds adapting to jazz and showing a good chemistry and cohesion among musicians. Finally director Dave Marowitz said, “You guys are awesome, I need to take you into the recording studio”, and thus the first music CD was born, entitled “Good Chemistry”. You can listen to it and our second CD “OCC Jazz Band Live From The 3 Sails Jazz Festival”, by typing OCC Jazz Band” into the window on the home page of www.soundcloud.com  and choosing tracks to listen to. During this semester, a member of Shorty long and The Jersey Horns was at an on-campus performance and was so impressed with baritone saxophonist, Nick Clifford, that he hired him right on the spot. In spring of 2015 he hired the band’s female vocalist, Caroline Rea.

Since that time, the OCC Jazz band had been gaining quite a reputation for itself. The band has been busy with rehearsals and a growing performance schedule on and off campus, including performing for two Mid-Week Jazz performances at the Grunin Center for the Arts as opening act for Emily Ascher, and Baby Soda. The spring semester 2015 band gave an awesome performance along-side nationally and internationally known jazz recording artists at the ‘3 Sails Jazz Festival’ on June 12, 2015, which was recorded and released as the second OCC Jazz band music CD, entitled, “OCC Jazz Band Live From the ‘3 Sails Jazz Festival”.  

And the beat goes on…