Global Studies

Ocean County College’s A.A. Degree in Global Studies is an innovative program that offers students an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to enhance their understanding of global society. This program offers a 21st Century skill set necessary for a wide range of careers.

This program is great for students who:  

  • Are interested in learning about the world beyond our borders
  • Want to travel internationally or work abroad
  • Feel a strong sense of global responsibility and citizenship
  • Understand the value of broad cultural knowledge and conversing in a foreign language
  • Wish to enhance employment opportunities in workplaces with diverse staff, markets, and/or clientele
  • Plan to transfer to a four year degree program in global studies, political science, international relations, or a related field
  • Are preparing for a career that requires some knowledge of foreign languages, diversity issues, intercultural communication skills, and global competencies.

Degree Requirements

The degree meets New Jersey general education requirements providing a strong foundation of liberal arts programming with an emphasis on globalization trends, cross-cultural communications, and international politics.

Elements of the degree program:

  • Required Global Issues course (POLI 101) which qualifies as a Diversity General Education Course. This class offers a multifaceted exploration of contemporary global issues and international affairs. Topics include the social, cultural and economic impacts of globalization, human rights, international politics, environmental and natural resource sustainability, war and conflict resolution, population and migration, global health and disease
    • Other degree required courses: Public Speaking, World Civilization I & II, Intercultural Communications, Introduction to International Politics or Comparative Politics
    • Liberal Arts General Education courses: English I & II, Public Speaking, Social Science, Humanities, Math, Science, Technology requirements
  • Create a specialized focus by selecting from OCC’s designated “global studies courses” in various disciplines:
    • Anthropology, communications, literature, psychology, history, art, theatre, political science, business, sociology, philosophy
  • Two consecutive semesters of a foreign language. Options include: Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Modern Hebrew, Russian. Course offerings may vary from semester to semester.  

Optional Courses

  • Study abroad experience. A scholarly travel opportunity is strongly encouraged but not required. Ocean County College offers exciting Study Abroad opportunities to promote cross cultural understanding and awareness of global perspectives.  All OCC study abroad seminars are led by OCC faculty members and are open to students and the community.  Eligible OCC students may apply for a Study Abroad Scholarship through the OCC Foundation  

Study abroad experiences have included:

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