School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

The School of Mathematics, Science and Technology offers courses in many subject areas. The disciplines in this School include:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computer Technology
  • Engineering

Courses offered in these disciplines cover varied areas of interest.

Faculties in this School provide support and advising to students and play an active role in other areas of the college. They are advisors to the Science club and also hold engineering competitions for the local high school students. Various courses provide hands-on field experiences and trips to venues that support the education in the classroom.

Scholarships are provided to students who are interested in particular disciplines within the school.


Mr. Paul Silberquit
Dean of the School of Math, Science & Technology


Leah Savia
Academic Administrator
732.255.0400 x2473

Office Locations

Mathematics and Engineering: Russell  112

Science: Hiering 136

Technology Office: Technology 224

Office Hours:

Mon. - Fri.: 8 AM - 4 PM

Contact Information

Phone Number: 732.255.0400

Phone Extensions & Email Contacts

Math. & Engn.: x2185

Computer Tech.: x2343

Sciences: x2178