What is Career Assessment?

Career assessments help you gain a better understanding of your motivational traits, personal work style, values, skills, aptitudes and personality.  The results of a career assessment will help you to begin researching careers that match your preferences, strengths and values.

It is important to understand a few clarifications about career assessments:

  • A career assessment is not a test – there is no right or wrong answer
  • A career assessment makes suggestions – it does not tell you which career to pursue
  • A career assessment is a great place to start learning about yourself and exploring potential careers

Tools for Self and Career Assessment
OCC students have access to the online resource Career Coach, which can be located at

Career Coach provides a short assessment and a longer assessment, both of which can help you identify your predominant personality traits.  These results can get you started thinking about the right major and career for you.

OCC students can also access Kuder Journey, which is another assessment tool.  Students who are interested in pursuing additional assessments can visit the Advising, Transfer and Career Services Office.