Choosing Your Degree

Selecting the Right Courses

A minimum of 64 credits is needed to graduate with an associate degree; however, a few programs require more than 64 credits. To graduate in two years, students should enroll in 16 credits per semester or be prepared to take courses in the summer or winter terms.

View the college catalog online to see program requirements, course descriptions, and general catalog information.

For students certain about their degree program:

For each program, OCC has designed a curriculum guide listing all of the classes that need to be taken to complete the degree or certificate. Students who are certain about their degree must:

  • Complete any Developmental course/s you may be required to take as a result of your English and Mathematics placement test results. These courses are designed to bring your skills up to college level.
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor to review the appropriate curriculum guide identifying the classes required and create an educational plan for the next several semesters. Students interested in transferring should also check out NJ Transfer early in their career at OCC.

For students exploring degree programs:

  • Complete any Developmental course/s which may be required as a result of English and Mathematics placement test results. These courses are designed to bring students’ skills up to college level.
  • Begin to fulfill the General Education Requirements. Nearly all of the certificate and degree programs at OCC require students to complete General Education Requirements. Full-time students should meet with their assigned advisor. Part-time student can meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center for help with course selection.
  • Sample classes from many academic areas and examine personal interests and strengths.
  • Exploring students should have selected their degree program by the time they have completed any required Developmental courses and half of the General Education requirements. Students need to be certain about their major by this time to ensure that the courses they are taking will apply to their degree and allow them to graduate on time.