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Holocaust Remembrance Week
April  24-April 28, 2017 

This year’s program is dedicated to the memory of the victims of Terezin camp and a celebration of their creative spirit and enduring art and music.

Theresienstadt, or Terezin, a fortress near Prague, Czechoslovakia, was set up by the Nazis to serve as a model “ghetto camp” where visual and performing Jewish artists were imprisoned. This “cultural center” was a place to bring visiting dignitaries and entertain them with operas, concerts, and artwork of the inmates In reality, the living conditions of the camps behind the subterfuge were atrocious. Overcrowding, starvation, beatings, torture, and death were the ways of the camp. Jewish artists were forced to produce propaganda art and to copy masterpieces confiscated from museums. Jewish musicians were released from labor details to practice and compose music acceptable to the Reich and to play for Jewish prisoners as they descended from the deportation trains and walked to the gas chambers. What remained from the ashes of Terezin was a collection of paintings by artists and children, and magnificent musical scores.

Fall Friday Film Fest

All events are free. An RSVP is appreciated. Dr. Ali Botein Furrevig 255-0400 X2368 or abotein-furrevig@ocean.edu

All Films Start at 10:30.  There will be a short discussion following the film.was

Location:  Conference Rooms A-B  (Old Bookstore Building)

Check back regularly for more information. Any questions? Please contact abotein-furrevig@ocean.edu