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Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL - 191

Credits: 3

Catalog Year: 2017

This course is an introduction to Western philosophy through exploration of major topic areas within philosophy: metaphysics, theory of knowledge, ethics, political philosophy and philosophy of religion. Within each topic area, an assortment of continuing philosophical problems will be presented and discussed, such as the problems of mind/body; personal identity, free will/determinism, the possibility and nature of knowledge, the foundation for moral and ethical judgment, the nature of justice, the existence of God, and the problem of evil. For each topic area and problem selected, philosophical perspectives will be presented from several different periods from the history of significant philosophy: Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Enlightenment, 19th Century, and Contemporary. Attention may also be given to non-Western philosophy. The relevance of philosophy will be shown to current condition and contemporary problems by encouraging students to think and write critically, be creative and develop their own philosophical perspective and world view.