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American Red Cross and CPR Instructor

HEHP - 261

Credits: 3

Catalog Year: 2017

This is an elective course designed to prepare the students with the correct methods to administer and teach the proper CPR and First Aid techniques at both the Lay and Professional Rescuer levels. It is a methodology course which will include the Red Cross Fundamentals of Instructor Training (F.I.T.) designed to instruct students in the various techniques required to become an instructor and evaluator of Red Cross courses. Students will be eligible to receive the following American Red Cross certifications: CPR/AED for the professional Rescuer, First Aid and CPR/AED for Schools and Workplace Instructor, and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer Instructor. Attendance is mandatory since this is a hands-on course. Upon successful completion, students will be able to conduct classes in the public and school sector.


HEHP 160 or the course equivalent