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Reading and Writing II

ENGL - 095

Credits: 4

Catalog Year: 2017

ENGL 095 is required for students who need a second level developmental English course as preparation for college-level coursework. The course builds on and expands fundamental reading and writing skills taught in ENGL 091. Instruction focuses on reading strategies for college work and on the process of composing essays, primarily in an academic voice. A minimum of 2500 words of finished writing will be assigned, supported by intensive reading and language study. One hour weekly is taught in a computer laboratory. A minimum grade of C must be earned to progress to the next course in the composition sequence. ENGL 095 replaces ENGL 011 and ENGL 021. The course cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements.


Identification of need by appropriate score on Placement Test, or completion of ENGL 091 with a grade of C or better, or recommendation of instructor.