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Digital Journalism and Picture Editing

COPH - 207

Credits: 3

Catalog Year: 2017

Photojournalism is designed to teach the principles of photographic reportage and documentation. Students will be given a historic background of photojournalism with special emphasis on the impact photography has had on the reporting of world, state and local events. Students will further develop basic skills in researching of information pertaining to a current news event, collecting information for appropriate caption writing, picture editing and editorial layout. The course stresses the ability to reach the proper location, take the photographs, process the files, and process the image within time constraints which duplicate the expected performance on t daily newspaper, magazine or broader media coverage and print publication. A Digital SLR camera with built-in metering system is required for this course or a hand-held light meter. An electronic flash unit for the camera is also required.


COPH 181