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AA Performing Arts

This program prepares students for transfer to
baccalaureate programs in dance, music, theatre
performance, and theatre production.  Students
may select courses within the one of the
categories listed or from among the various
categories based on their interests and transfer

Required Courses:

Additional Requirements:

  • Performing Arts Categories: Students may choose from the extensive range of course offerings within dance (DANC), music (MUSC), and theatre (THTR), without being restricted to one category, based on personal interest and/or transfer need. COMM-192 Voice and Diction, and ENGL-212 Introduction to Drama can also be taken to fulfill this requirement.
  • Students must select one math course, one lab science course, and one technology course* and complete the 12 cr. requirement with any additional math or science course from the list of Approved General Education Courses. * Students may attempt to "test out" of the technology requirement. If they succeed, they must take an additional course(s) in math or science from the list of Approved General Education Courses.