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AAS Business Paralegal Studies Option

The Associate in Applied Science in
Business-Paralegal Studies Option is designed to
provide a foundation for the legal assistant
(paralegal) career.  Students engage in courses
which emphasize both the theory of law and
paralegal skill and which are taught by
practicing attorneys who have years of legal

Required Courses:

1 of the following 4 Req Paralegal Crses courses is required:

Additional Requirements:

  • Paralegal Electives (12 credits): ACCT 161 Principles of Accounting I (3 cr.) BUSN 271 Principles of Management (3 crs) CRIM 254 Constitutional Law/Rules of Evidence (3 cr.) CRIM 255 Criminal Law and Procedure (3 cr.) INTR 290 Internship (3 cr.) LAAW 105 Health Care and Elder Law (3 cr.) LAAW 106 Mediation and Conflict Resulotion (3 cr.) LAAW 206 New Jersey Family Law (3 cr.) POLI 161 American Federal Government (3 cr.)