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AS Environmental Studies

This program is designed to prepare students for
careers in the dynamic field of environmental
science, which is concerned with monitoring
humanity's impact on the Earth and solving
environmental problems.  Students graduating from
this program might work might work in
environmental education centers, public relations
firms, testing labs, environmental research
organizations, travel/tourism (ecotourism
companies), food manufacturers, waste management
companies or government agencies.  The program
provides students with a strong background in the
natural sciences and is attractive to four-year
institutions that offer baccalaureate or graduate
degrees in environmental studies, where OCC
graduates may apply for additional preparation in
the field.

Required Courses:

3 of the following 7 ES Electives courses are required:

2 of the following 4 Lab Science courses are required:

Additional Requirements:

  • Two (2) Humanities courses selected from the list of Approved General Education Courses.
  • Two (2) Social Science courses selected from the list of Ap 3B99 proved General Education Courses.
  • Take 4 to 5 credits to total 64 undergraduate credits above developmental level.