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Certificate of Proficiency in Paralegal Studies

This curriculum prepares students for the position
of paralegal/legal assistant.  Students will study
law and acquire practical legal skills that are
necessary for entry-level employment in a law
office.  Persons currently working in a law office
or in a related environment can upgrade their
skills and increase their general and specific
knowledge of law.  All of the courses in this
certificate curriculum can apply to the Associate
in Applied Science degree in Business - Paralegal
Studies option.

Required Courses:

Additional Requirements:

  • Paralegal Electives (6 cr): ACCT 161 Principles of Accounting I (3 cr) BUSN 210 Business Communications (3 cr) BUSN 267 Real Estate Law (3 cr) BUSN 271 Principles of Management (3 cr) CRIM 254 Constitutional Law & Rule of Evidence (3 cr) CRIM 255 Criminal Law and Procedure (3 cr) INTR 290 Internship (3 cr) LAAW 105 Health Care & Elder Law (3 cr) LAAW 106 Mediation and Conflict Resolution (3 cr) LAAW 204 Estate Administration (3 cr) LAAW 206 New Jersey Family Law (3 cr) POLI 161 American Federal Government (3 cr) PSYC 172 General Psychology (3 cr)