Expenses & Financial Information



The student's tuition and fees are established by the college's Board of Trustees and are subject to change at any time. Failure to make payment at the time of registration for tuition and fees may cause cancellation of your class schedule. In the event your schedule is canceled for non-payment, you will not be able to attend OCC unless you re-register and pay immediately, provided that registration and courses are still open for selection.

For County Students

The total cost for educating each student is determined by dividing the cost of operating the college by the estimated number of full-time equated students attending the college. The state's contribution per student is subtracted. The balance is shared between the county, the student and other miscellaneous sources.

For Eligible Out-of-County Residents

Students attending a county community college outside their county of residence are eligible for the prevailing in-county tuition rate under the following conditions: (1) the county of residence does not sponsor a county college, or (2) the college in the county of residence certifies that it does not offer the particular course or program of study desired by the applicant, or (3) the college in the county of residence certifies that it cannot admit the applicant into a particular course. Under chargeback legislation, the sending county is obligated to contribute toward tuition. For required documentation, contact the Registration and Records Office at 732.255.0400, ext. 0304.

A Copy of the Student's College Skills

Assessment test scores must be submitted before a chargeback can be considered. If eligible, the student should request an 'Inability to Admit' form from the college in his/her county of residence and a 'Certificate of Residence for the Purpose of Chargeback' form from his/her county fiscal officer. These forms should be presented to the Cashier's Office at Ocean County College immediately following registration. If the forms are not submitted, the student must pay out-of-county tuition rates. Out-of-county students should contact the Office of Registrations and Records for more information concerning the Chargeback Law.


Office of Student Life Emergency Loan Fund Penalty Fees*

The following penalty fees will be assessed to students who are delinquent in payment of their Office of Student Life Emergency Loans:

14-20 days overdue $5.00
21 or more days overdue $10.00
Return Check Fee $25.00

The student shall also be responsible for absorbing all costs involved in collection of any delinquent emergency loans and/or penalty fee.

*At the time of publication

Aid & Scholarships


A student's application may be selected for review in a process called Verification. In this process, a school is required to compare information from the application with signed copies of the Federal Tax Forms, W-2 Forms or other financial documents. The law says the school is required to ask the student for this information before awarding aid. If the student is selected, please be aware of the following document submission deadlines. NO AID will be awarded until a file is complete. If we do not receive the information in a timely manner, students should expect to pay for their tuition, fees and books until the file is complete and the student is awarded.


Fall Term:

May 17th - Returning Students

June 14th - New Students

Fall Quick Term: July 12th - All Students
Spring Term:

October 15th - Returning Students

November 15th - New Students

Spring Quick Term: December 13th - All Students

Students must maintain academic progress within parameters defined by the U.S. Department of Education. Generally students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and complete 70% of classes within a given semester. No distinction is made between "F" grades, "W" grades or "I" grades with regard to Financial Aid Standards of progress. See a financial aid officer for complete details.

Special Circumstances

If a student experiences financial hardships during the current tax year, they may request a special circumstances review of their application. Requests will not be accepted prior to August 15th. The review process on those accepted requests will not begin until October 1st, therefore students should expect to pay their tuition, fees and books until the file is completed and the student is awarded.